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Māori Wardens - Rotorua Literacy and Numeracy Training Rotorua "Since Kathy began the classes for Māori Wardens over the last 12 months, I have noted the excitement and enthusiasm at the participation in the program. The core of the program was literacy and numeracy however the content and delivery methodology was quite outstanding for people who had little knowledge of the self, and importance as a Māori, including their role as a Māori Warden. Articulation of Pepeha and word pronunciation soared many to heights they only realised, through Kathy's teaching and humarie application. Waiata was noted as a beautiful method [...]

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Michelle Roil


Michelle Roil Horticulture (Level 2) New Start Gardens Why did you choose to study with Land Based Training? I was in touch with Feats which is an organization that helps with finding peoples strengths and then placing them in touch with the right people to help them grow. I have always had a love of the outdoors and plants so the Land Based Training course seemed like a natural fit so they recommended for me to get in touch. What is your favorite part of the course? Paperwork is not something that I am so keen on and I learn best [...]

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