Why Study Agriculture?

The farming industry is an integral part of the New Zealand landscape, providing a livelihood and a lifestyle that can be hugely rewarding. ​​Aoteroa is one of the world’s largest exporters of lamb, mutton, beef and dairy products, and at Land Based Training, our courses are designed to prepare or advance you as a productive member of the agricultural industry.

How to Join the Industry

At Land Based Training, we have built up a great range of industry-led courses that teach you practical skills and the theory you need to complete some NCEA credits or move on to the next Land Based Training Agriculture course. Joining our school is a great way to forge a pathway towards a career in New Zealand’s biggest primary industry.

Start Learning Here

You can start with a Level 2 Vocational Course that teaches you basic knowledge and skills for working safely in either the cattle, dairy, sheep or cattle industries and includes learning around fencing, maintenance and stock handling, plus the safe use of farm vehicles.

Move on to study Farming Systems, Primary Industry Operational Skills, Agriculture (Level 4) and Livestock Production Management to become a highly employable graduate. The entry requirements for all the courses listed on this page are varied, and some allow an equivalent experience entry.

Click on the course you are interested in below and read the specific requirements.

What can I learn?

You will learn how to assist with key livestock production tasks, how to use common farming technology, and what hazard control measures look like in a rural environment.

You will explore the safe use of various types of agricultural machinery and discover how to understand and complete maintenance on some agricultural landscape features, including drains, tracks, fencing and water supplies.

Advance on to a Livestock Production Management course and learn how to develop, implement and monitor environmentally sustainable animal health plans which align with a farm business plan to stay ahead of production goals.

Check the course details, outcomes and requirements by clicking on the course you are interested in below.