Why Study Environmental Sustainability?

Our environmental sustainability course will support you if you are looking to integrate these practices into your own garden, if you want to plan a sustainable shift on your farm or lifestyle block, or if you are interested in bringing environmental sustainability to an iwi or community-based project.

This course is also an excellent way to learn about implementing sustainable practices in a work environment, offering practical solutions that will help you keep production up while focusing on the care for the land.

What Will I Learn?

Sustainable Primary Production (Level 4) includes learning about bio-intensive growing, market gardening, MPI food safety processes, integrating pest and disease management alongside sustainable practices, farm forestry and other interesting modules.

Career Pathways

Studying sustainable primary production and land-based sustainability practices could open up career paths for you to become employed or self-employed as a farm effluent manager, grower, land-based practitioner, DOC worker, environmental officer, or compliance officer.

Check the course details, education outcomes and experience requirements by clicking on the course  below.