Bees are a vital link in our ecosystem as they pollinate our flowers, plants and crops. We see the benefit of a healthy bee population in our parks, gardens and food-producing farms – they also enable a huge export industry in NZ.

These are vocational courses, which means you upskill across practice and theory. So when you are ready to look for work, you will be highly employable in the industry.

What Will I Learn?

At Land Based Training, our programmes cover topics like hive management, honey production, bee biology, disease and pest management, queen rearing, and pollination services. We also teach practical aspects of industry work, including swarm control, handling beehives, and honey extraction. Our goal is to teach students real-world beekeeping skills.

Where Should I Start?

Depending on your experience, you might begin with a certificate in apiculture that teaches basic skills and qualifies successful students for junior employee positions.

Graduates from the Vocational Pathways – Level 2 course might then move on to study Apiculture Level 3. Learning to explore the correct use of equipment, the lifecycles of bees, understanding disease management and the roles of plants in beekeeping – and much more.

Once you have attained Level 3, you could move on to the next level of training with our Queen Bee Rearing programme – or just take this course to supplement your current skill level.

Learn With Purpose

New Zealand leads the way in producing exceptional honey known around the world for its flavour, as a wellness supplement, and as an ingredient in many beauty products, and for the sustainable approach New Zealand Apirists are taking to ensure the industry’s long-term survival – and the bees.

Joining the industry is a great way to give back – plus, it is a fascinating and rewarding field. If you choose to study with us, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills designed and delivered in ways that will help you forge a career pathway.

With all the environmental concerns we are dealing with as a planet, learning and applying apiculture techniques is a wonderfully practical way to become part of the solution by learning with purpose.

The entry requirements for all courses listed on this page are relatively flexible – click on the course you are interested in below and read the specific requirement listed.