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Māori Wardens – Rotorua

Literacy and Numeracy Training


“Since Kathy began the classes for Māori Wardens over the last 12 months, I have noted the excitement and enthusiasm at the participation in the program.

The core of the program was literacy and numeracy however the content and delivery methodology was quite outstanding for people who had little knowledge of the self, and importance as a Māori, including their role as a Māori Warden.

Articulation of Pepeha and word pronunciation soared many to heights they only realised, through Kathy’s teaching and humarie application. Waiata was noted as a beautiful method for word pronunciation also. A second feature was the students willingness to help and support each other in the learnings.

The kaupapa for Māori Warden is aroha ki te tangata, however one can only help others if you are clear and satisfied knowing and happy with the self.

At a recent luncheon with Christine, Charlotte, Ben and Charlie, their faces spoke a thousand words having received their certificates. Ben in particular never used to read, but it is noted that he shows interest in this arena albeit in a small way. The point is that he at least now attempts to read.

Christine contacted me the following day to display her proudness at what she had learnt and of course supported by Charlotte as well.

Finally my own personal comment is, tena koe mo to ihi, to wehi to tautoko mo nga Watene, noreira – thank you for the support given to the wardens and for the heartfelt passion and commitment that went into the delivery of the course.

Ma te atua koe e Manaaki”

– Feedback from Ruka Hughes

Ruka is the training manager for the Rotorua Maori Wardens – he worked with our tutor Kathy to put together a program suitable for the wardens in the Volcanic Interior Plateau Region – which covers Waihi to Opotiki and down to Whanganui/Taranaki. This programme has now been undertaken by wardens at mount Maunganui, Rotorua and Whanganui.