Trainee Stories Northland2

Jack Haverkort

Rural Operations (Level 3) and Farming Systems (Level 3) – Graduate

Agriculture (Level 4) – Graduate


Why did you choose to study with Land Based Training?

Steve Towey from A&P Society in Whangarei is a family friend so when I was talking to him about where to he roped me in and we looked at what was involved in the course. It seemed like a good fit and I wanted to push myself by getting the qualification to go with the learning I was already getting working on farm.

What is your favorite part of the course?

I really liked interacting with the other students on the course and learning about what they did on their farms compared to the farm I was on. It was also really good to get to talk to company owners and other people from the dairy and farming industry to learn more from them about what support is available and what to expect.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working full time as a dairy assistant on a farm. The farm I am on works with digital collars and an app instead of fences and gates to move and find the cows.

The goal is to move towards a 2IC or co-managing role.

***Jack also came runner-up in the Dairy Trainee of the year 2023 category at the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards for Northland!***

Do you have any advice for others who might be interested in doing an agriculture course with Land Based Training?

Keep up to date with all the course work rather than leaving it all to the last couple of months!