2107 Trainee Michelle Roil

Michelle Roil

Horticulture (Level 2)

New Start Gardens

Why did you choose to study with Land Based Training?

I was in touch with Feats which is an organization that helps with finding peoples strengths and then placing them in touch with the right people to help them grow. I have always had a love of the outdoors and plants so the Land Based Training course seemed like a natural fit so they recommended for me to get in touch.

What is your favorite part of the course?

Paperwork is not something that I am so keen on and I learn best by getting to go out and put into practice the theory that I’m learning so the ability to get out and work in the garden as part of my training is definitely one of the best parts of the course.

What are your plans now that you are graduating?

The short term plan is to come back part time to complete the level 3 qualification however in the future I would love to eventually get a job with the council where I can look after the gardens and plants around the city – the ultimate day job really!

Do you have any advice for others who might be interested in doing a horticulture course with Land Based Training?

Embrace it! Take the basics you already know and use the things you learn to grow on those basics. Finally make sure to always take joy from doing the job because the more you do the less it feels like a job.