If you have a disability, chronic medical condition or specific learning need that may affect your study you are welcome at Land Based Training and we’re here to help. Our team provide a confidential service to support you if you have disabilities, mental health issues or specific learning difficulties (like dyslexia). We can tailor our support to your specific needs. 

You can contact our team at anytime by emailing [email protected].

If you have an impairment that impacts on your access to learning and need alternative course materials or support during your course, we can help with:

  • Getting course materials printed in different page or font size to those already provided to ensure they meet your needs
  • Getting transcripts for videos and image descriptions
  • Facilitating access to adaptive technologies that may assist your study experience
  • Information and links to other accommodations or resources to support your learning


At Land Based Training we strive to meet the below best practice standards with regards to the use of any information provided to us from students about their disability status:

  • Impairment information is only sought to arrange support and disseminated only to staff on a ‘need to know’ basis, with the learner’s permission.
  • Staff receive information about the individual needs of disabled learners in a clear, effective and timely way.
  • Staff protect an individual’s privacy and only disclose impairment information with the learner’s permission and for the provision of effective learning support.
  • A safe environment is created for learners to disclose impairment information in line with the disclosure provisions in the Health and Disability Commissioner Act and Privacy Act.

To best meet your needs, we may need to discuss your situation with staff and/or external services. Before we do this we’ll seek your permission and talk through what information we’ll share. If you have any concerns about your privacy and confidentiality, then please let us know.