Having the skills necessary to not just cope but, to thrive in the workplace is something that is aspirational for many employees within the New Zealand workplace.

Land Based Training partners with employers who want to make that aspiration a reality and embed it into the fabric of their organisation – we work together to change expectations.

Let’s look at the aspiration financially – the difference between coping or thriving by building literacy and numeracy within the workplace is estimated at 2% of New Zealand’s GDP – that means in the year ending September 2021, thriving equals an increase of $6.9 billion.

Financial measures are important but, are only what we see on the surface, what really changes is people – feeling valued and valuable within a workplace has a ripple effect that impacts positively on individuals, whanau, and communities.

We know that 98% of kaimahi (workers) in our programme at Tumu Timbers and Tumu Frame and Truss said they improved skills and knowledge in financial literacy and, that their listening and speaking skills showed a 95% improvement from start of the programme to end – that’s what thriving starts to look like.

The story doesn’t end there, what we heard was that this was about empowerment and having a voice – kaimahi learned and practised assertive communication, asserting their boundaries for their health and wellness, learning how to ask quality questions to clarify and get the information needed to participate actively in the workplace.  That’s about helping the workplace excel from within.

The ripple effect of the workplace literacy programme assisted with identifying new leaders in the workplace that were not on the Company’s radar prior to the programme and in fact two of the kaimahi commenced a Dale Carnegie ten-week leadership programme after demonstrating leadership potential during the programme.

This training is about learning within a workplace context and carrying out projects that will impact and improve the workplace both financially and culturally!!

If this story resonates with you and sounds like something your organisation might benefit from get in touch with us today. Our team is ready to work with you and yours to develop a programme that will help to shape a positive change within your organisation.

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