Our fantastic Kapiti sustainability course had an awesome workshop day last week, taking a field trip out to Lower Hutt. They visited Epuni School Gardens, an opportunity presented to them through Common Unity, a community-based urban development project who provide teaching and support for the garden and orchard at the school.

The crew did a ‘Chop n drop’ of a green manure bed in the gardens. This contributed to their soils module, where they are learning about mulches in an organic system, through theory and practical work.

The kids at Epuni School will be using this bed to plant their kamokamo to grow over summer. With the Kapiti teams hard work, we’re sure they will have a fantastic crop.

After two years of successfully running our Level 4 Sustainable Primary Production course in 4 locations, we’ve been able to set up 10 part-time Sustainability courses across Aotearoa, including Kapiti! Students on these courses have been able to put skills like these into practice throughout the country.

Over 42 weeks, our students will be learning how to evaluate a land-based system in regard to sustainability. They will, identify and understand changes required to make it more sustainable, implement the sustainable practices, and monitor and change them to meet their production goals and comply with the production standard they are working to.

They’re learning this through 10 modules, which cover a range of different topics, from permaculture to regenerative agriculture to food forests and shelter. Students are due to graduate between July to August 2024.

If you’re interested in getting involved in our Sustainability courses, please get in touch with us through the link below.

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