On the 13 November 2021 exhibitors and competitors both local and regional made their way to the annual Bulls Rose and Flower Show. This show is the oldest running show in New Zealand with this year being the 144th show – the Bulls community is very proud of the history this event brings to their town.

This year was a particularly special one for Emerita Harris who is one of our Level 3 Horticulture students from our Marton campus. A modest and popular student Emerita entered into the Bulls Rose and Flower show, taking the opportunity to display her love for gardening. Although initially entering the show ‘just for fun’ her love of gardening really shone through her plants as on the day she won 10 first places, 13 second places and 11 third place awards!

After some coaxing the team at Marton were excited to have her bring in her trophies and certificates for everyone to see and celebrate her success with her.