Otiwhiti Station Land Based Training Agricultural School is a historic and iconic large-scale sheep and cattle breeding property located in Hunterville district, Rangitikei.

The Agricultural School has been operating since 2007 and has gained a reputation for educating and training students both in theory and practical.  Trainees have proven to be well skilled employable and valuable shepherds in the Hunterville region and surrounding hill country.  Testimony to their value is the willingness of the farming community to compete for employment of these students.

The approximate area of Otiwhiti Station is 2000 hectares, the station buildings include the homestead, manager’s residence, shepherd’s residence, cookhouse and single shepherds’ quarters.

‘Farm trainees at Otiwhiti Station live on site.  Otiwhiti is considered by LBT and its stakeholders as an exemplary training site. Here trainees are fed, accommodated, taught and employed on site.  The training provided on the station far exceeds the minimum requirements for the Certificate in Agriculture.’

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Otiwhiti Station