How often are the part time workshops held and are they held on long weeks/holidays?


The workshops are held one day a fortnight, full 8-hour day (mainly weekends). We do not have the workshops on long weekends unless organized with the tutor and students. There may be a couple of back-to-back weekend workshops if required (season pending).

How often are the part time workshops held and are they held on long weeks/holidays?2021-06-23T12:38:53+12:00

Where are the Level 3 Courses held?


There are over 16 locations in the North Island and Christchurch and Nelson in the South Island. Call us on 0508 TRAIN ME and find out if there is one near you!

Where are the Level 3 Courses held?2021-06-23T12:36:32+12:00

How will the course benefit me in the workforce?


By the end of this course you will have completed the National Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3) which is an NZQA recognized qualification. This is the foundation of beekeeping and is sought after in the Apiculture Commercial Sector. If you have this certification, you have a much higher chance of being employed by Apiculture Companies.

How will the course benefit me in the workforce?2022-04-21T12:15:43+12:00

What do I get as part of the course?


Practical book to be completed throughout but you can keep on completion Supplementary guide with the key information you need to complete the course Access to our online learning platform (Canvas) Disease Recognition Test paid for Lots of Knowledge!!!

What do I get as part of the course?2022-04-22T10:33:47+12:00

Can I miss any workshops?


You cannot miss any more that three workshops over the duration of the course, you will fall behind and miss out on vital information. Let your tutor know if you are unable to attend a workshop and they can help you out.

Can I miss any workshops?2021-06-23T12:34:52+12:00

How much does the course cost?


The course is currently ‘fees free’ so you have no fees. There are course related costs though. You can find more on these in the Course Related Costs section above. You will require a laptop or tablet to study this program.

How much does the course cost?2022-05-13T09:54:04+12:00

Who can do this course?


You must be a NZ or Australian citizen or have NZ residency. You cannot do this course if you are here on a work visa. The minimum age is 16. If you are still attending school, you will require a letter from your school allowing you to do this course. Call us on ‘0508 TRAIN ME’ if you have any other questions about enrolments and eligibility.

Who can do this course?2021-06-23T12:20:46+12:00

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