This micro-credential is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of learners to the level where they can assist (with major responsibility for their own
learning and performance) with the implementation of aspects of primary industry related safety tractor, mechanised tractor driven equipment and maintenance
applicable to a rural context.

Learners will gain skills which include safe use of tractors, and mechanised equipment and the basic maintenance of equipment.

Unit StandardUnit Descriptor
4959Tractors, Equipment and Maintenance

Outcome Statement

Graduates of this micro-credential will be able to:

  • Describe the impacts of rural pest-animals on the environment, and the benefits of pest-animal control. They will gain the practical skills required to safely set traps, use lures and lay bait.
  • Learners/ākonga will also gain the practical knowledge and skills required to check and clear traps, dispose of, or store carcases and maintain equipment and materials.
  • Knowledge and skills using Global Positioning System (GPS) applications for pest animal control (trapping) is also an important skillset that learners/ākonga will be able to demonstrate.

Duration of Study

6 weeks full time or 12 weeks part time