Primary Industry Apiculture L2

Primary Industry Apiculture L2

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    Whanganui & Hastings
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    26 WEEKS

Vocational Pathways – Primary Industry (Apiculture) (Level 2) – NCEP3T


This is an entry level programme for students with an interest in the beekeeping and apiculture industry. The programme is aimed at teaching basic bee-farming knowledge and skills to students with little or no experience in agriculture, so they can be successfully employed as junior employees in the apiculture/beekeeping and agricultural industries, and can proceed to higher levels of education within these industries.


Graduates will gain an entry level range of skills in apiculture.  Some of these skills will include the ability to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Beehives; assembly, shifting and repairs
  • Characteristics of bees and bee disease
  • New Zealand beekeeping industry
  • Contamination hazards and control methods in a food business
  • Hazards, hazard control, and consequences of injury in a rural workplace
  • Safe use of quad bikes or LUV’s


Entry criteria

Applicants Must:

  • 16 years of age and above at the time of commencing study or 15 with a school leaving certificate.
  • Meet the relevant funding pool requirements for TEC
  • An interest in beekeeping, agriculture and working outdoors
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