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New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General) (Level 3) NZ2677


The purpose of this programme is to provide the horticulture sector with graduates who have a theoretical knowledge of plants, nursery production, and growing systems and environments to underpin practical capability in a range of horticulture sectors.


Graduates of the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Level 3 will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of plant and soils science to the identification, selection, and growing of plants
  • Apply knowledge of growing systems and environments to the establishment and growing plants


Entry criteria

Academic Achievement

  • Applicants should demonstrate an ability to succeed in tertiary study, shown by the completion of any of the following qualifications or courses of study:
  • National Certificate in Agriculture / Horticulture Level 2 and/or equivalent qualification or experience in the industry.
  • Any qualification specified by the ITO or equivalent standards setting body
  • A minimum of three years of secondary education; and/or more credits at NCEA Level 1, with no fewer than 12 credits in each of four subjects; and/or
  • Step 3 Reading and Step 4 Numeracy on the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool (LNAAT)


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