Primary Industry Apiculture Level 3


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Primary Industry Apiculture Level 3

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    22/44 weeks

New Zealand Certificate – Primary Industry Apiculture Level 3 

 This program gives students with an interest in the Apiculture / beekeeping industry. The program is aimed at teaching and facilitating bee husbandry, knowledge and practical skills to students with various levels of experience in apiculture. With a aim to become successfully employed as beekeepers in the Apiculture/beekeeping industry.  

Full time: 22 weeks

Part time: 44 weeks

Graduates will gain skills in Apiculture.  Some of these skills will include the ability to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Hive ware, assembly, repairing, and construction.
  • Life cycle of bees. 
  • New Zealand beekeeping industry
  • Bee diseases, disorders and pests, both local and exotic. 
  • Disease management
  • Attend an AFB Recognition Course
  • Queen rearing and much more…

Entry criteria

Applicants Must:

  • 16 years of age and above at the time of commencing study or 15 with a school leaving certificate.
  • Meet the relevant funding pool requirements for TEC
  • An interest in beekeeping and working outdoors.
This is a fee based course: $1500, with the ability to apply for course related costs through studylink
Course related costs of $560. Which includes purchasing a Bee Suit (compulsory requirement). Students are eligible for Fees Free
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