Wheels, Tracks and Rollers 12 December 2024 Palmerston North


8 Spaces Available

8 Spaces Available


Theory Assessment – duration – up to 1 hour: 

You will need to:  

  • Show your driver’s license to the tutor as proof that the appropriate class of license is held.
  • Show the tutor the completed pre-course material.
  • Complete a written theory assessment (short-answer questions based on the information provided in the OSM).   This part is “closed book” and self-paced. 

Practical Assessment – duration -Up to 1 hour:

This usually follows the theory (but not always) and requires that you demonstrate driving the equipment on a public road.  This is not an assessment of your operational skills.  You will need to:

  • Provide/be wearing your own Hi-Viz clothing and safety footwear in accordance with site regulations.
  • Ensure that the equipment to be used complies with all regulations.

Course Information:  

  • Minimum licence required:  Full Class 1 (car). 
  • In addition to holding the appropriate endorsement, you must also hold the appropriate full class of licence which covers the weight of the special-type vehicle you want to drive        
  • When a booking is made, the pre course material will be issued, and an appointment made for you to meet with the tutor.   The pre course material MUST BE READ and pre-course material must be completed before the appointment as the theory questions will be based on the information it contains.