Dangerous Goods 14 March 2025 Palmerston North


8 Spaces Available

8 Spaces Available



This one-day course is self-paced and open-book.  The tutor will require to sight your drivers license at the start of the course. 

All courses start promptly at 8.30 am with completion between 3 – 5pm on the day depending on previous experience.  

General information: 

The course overall is designed to assess your knowledge of dangerous goods and your ability to reference and source information.  All resource material will be available for your use during the assessing stage (open book).   Once the Assessor is satisfied with the completion of your assessment paper you will be eligible to receive a Dangerous Goods “D” certificate of completion. 


  • A minimum of a class 1 learner license must be held.    

Course Certificate: 
When you have completed your course to the satisfaction of the tutor and provided your license for sighting, a certificate of completion will be issued as proof that you have completed the New Zealand Transport Agency approved training.   This needs to be taken to an agent of NZ Transport to be endorsed on your license. 

CAUTION:  The course certificate must be no more than 60 days old at the time of presentation to the NZ Transport Agent.