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Wheels, Tracks & Rollers

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Wheels, Tracks and Roller Assessment


Wheels, Tracks and Roller Assessment for licence endorsement purposes (W) (R) (T).



  • Up to two hours to complete all three endorsements.
  • Time taken reduces according to the number of assessments completed.


Brief Description:

  • Minimum licence required:  Class 1 full car.
  • Operators undertaking assessment must hold the appropriate full class of licence to cover the weight of the special-type vehicle to be operated.
  • Operators can choose to undertake all three endorsements, any two or one only.
  • It is the responsibility of the trainee to provide suitable equipment to be used for the practical assessment which must be consistent with the class of licence held.  Suitable equipment can be hired from a hire company if required.


Pre Assessment Preparation:

The trainee will be provided with the Operator Safety Manual to study prior to meeting with the tutor for assessment purposes.


Theory Assessment: 

The trainee is assessed on his/her theoretical knowledge as per the Operator Safety Manual prior to the practical assessment.


Practical Assessment:

The practical assessment requires that the operator demonstrate that he/she can prepare the equipment for driving on a public road.   Tuition is not included however some basic techniques will be covered.


Unit Standards:

  • 16701 – Meet driver licensing requirements for endorsement W (wheeled special-type vehicles)
  • 16702 – Meet driver licensing requirements for endorsement R (special-type vehicles that run on rollers)
  • 16703 – Meet driver licensing requirements for endorsement T (self-laying tracked special-type vehicles)


Cost:  Price on application

The full course fee is payable at the time of booking unless a company purchase order is provided


Application Process:

Freephone 0508 872 466 or (06) 354 9362

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