Te Rua O Te Moko Farm Training School


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Te Rua O Te Moko Farm Training School

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    February - December
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    1 Year





  • Certificate in General Farm Skills, Level 2
  • National Certificate in Farming Skills (Work Ready), Level 3


Programme Aim:


The Te Rua O Te Moko dairy training scheme is a new joint venture based in South Taranaki where five farms have been combined to make a 180ha unit milking 500 cows through a 28-bale rotary cowshed.

Te Rua O Te Moko hopes to get whanau of the 1100 owners back on to the land, through training the next generation and amalgamating the land blocks for better utilisation and control.  The land was joined into a single block over the past four years and this year the training centre was established on the farm with a classroom in the old South Taranaki Agricultural Research Facility.

Maori land owners are increasing their land holdings, which in turn directly affects their need for trained labour. In the dairy industry, instead of selling their land, farmers are now retaining their stock and employing farm managers. These ‘professional’ farm managers have good salary packages based on their sound business skills, communications skills and forward thinking.

The Te Rua O Te Moko Training Facility is committed to training young people who will become the new breed of sharemilkers in the dairy industry.  Up to ten young people will be trianed over a 44 week period per year with Field Officer, Julian Bracegirdle, and LBT Ag Tutor Geradine Wood teaching the National Certificate in Farming Skills (Work Ready) Level 3.

Land Based Training and the Te Rua O Te Moko Training Facility and are privileged to offer this opportunity to you. Developing skills and knowledge and being recognised for that through a qualification, is an important part of life today.  Being involved in the dairy industry is a positive step in your career pathway.


Graduate Profile:

Graduates will gain an extensive range of skills in agriculture.  Some of these skills will include the ability to:

  • Understand pasture production
  • Demonstrate knowledge of dairy mating
  • Carry out handle and treat livestock
  • Understand water systems
  • Carry out calving
  • Carry out fencing
  • Understand the safe use of farm vehicles



These qualifications are taught in partnership with the Taranaki Polytechnic (WITT) under a subcontracting arrangement – more information can be found on WITT’s website


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