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Quad Bike Safety Training

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    2-3 DAYS

Quad Bike Safety Training


Course Type: 

  • Safety and Use



  • 2 – 3 Days


Brief Description:

A course designed to focus on Quad Bike use and safety for regular users of Quad’s in farming, spraying, and construction and compliance areas.


Course Details:

Quad Bike skills, knowledge and safety for flat and hill country, with trailing equipment and mounted equipment.


Course Numbers: 

Minimum 8 – Maximum 10

Note: Courses will run when there are sufficient numbers


Unit Standards Gained:

  • 24554 – Ride a Quad Bike on flat terrain in the workplace
  • 24557 – Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a Quad Bike
  • 24559 – Ride a Quad Bike on hilly terrain
  • 24561 – Ride a Quad Bike with trailed equipment
  • 24563 – Ride a Quad Bike with mounted equipment or a load


Cost:   Price on Application


Quad Bike Safety Refresher Course

Land Based Training offers a prior experience Quad Bike Safety Refresher Course covering all the Department of Labour Safety Assessment Guidelines.

This course will enable your staff to fully understand the safety requirements of operating a Quad Bike on your property.  All training can be undertaken on-farm or at a LBT venue.



  • 2 days



  • Minimum of 8 participants per course


A Safety Certificate will be presented to the farm business and for all participants who successfully complete the course

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