Confined Spaces Hazard Identification


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Confined Spaces Hazard Identification

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    2 DAYS

Confined Spaces

Course Type: 

  • Safety and Use



  • 2 Days


Brief Description: 

Plan a confined space entry-identify hazards and controls within a confined space and develop an emergency procedure, complete documentation. Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with a confined space. There is a theory and practical component.


Course Details:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with Confined Space
  • Plan a confined space entry
  • Permit notification and implementation requirements
  • Identify and take control measures to eliminate, isolate and minimize the risk of hazards
  • Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements
  • Describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces
  • Identify hazards and controls within confined spaces
  • Develop an emergency procedure plan
  • Complete documentation required for confined space entry.


Day 2 Practical Exercise:

Requires the student to plan a confined space entry program and then, using your organisations testing and rescue equipment, undertake a confined space entry at one of your sites or alternatively a place organised by the tutors from LBT. Safety boots, protective clothing and safety gear required.


Course Numbers: 

  • Minimum 8 – Maximum 10


Unit Standards Gained: 

  • 18426 – Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined space
    17599 – Plan a confined space entry


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